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Great service is more than a smile.
It's more than a pleasant greeting and a positive attitude. It's listening, not just hearing. It's anticipating, not just reacting. It's going the extra mile.

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What are our clients saying about us?

"... It gives me great pleasure to pass on the comments of a new member. A young man that I go to church with decided to open a checking account with the credit union and he went into Area A. He reported that during the process of checking his credit you noted that he had a car loan at a bank and you asked if he minded if you checked to see if the credit union could save him money on his loan. You asked him if he would like for TFCU to cut his interest rate in half from 12% to 6%. He said he was so excited, that he even offered to kiss you if you could make the new loan happen. He reported that he got the loan and would save $100 per month or he could continue to pay the current payment amount and pay off the new loan a year early. He was nothing less than excited to have received such outstanding, personal service. It is not every day that a financial institution is praised during a church service, but because of your outstanding service, TFCU was mentioned by name. It is because of employees like you offering service above and beyond what people expect that causes me to know that the time I volunteer at TFCU is well spent. I used to hear about the problems people were having, but lately, all I hear are the compliments on the great service they received. I wanted to personally tell you how proud you make me to be associated with TFCU. I believe this story is only one example of the number of people we are reaching with the good news that Tinker treats you as a trusted friend. Congratulations and keep up the great work."

- Excerpt from a letter received by ServiStar client Tinker Federal Credit Union CEO from a board member